Reason for Existence Edit

User groups play a major role in a wiki. The members of a user group are dedicated to editing the site and the articles that fall into their groups jurisdiction. These groups will have their own set of articles to keep an eye on for vandalism, new information and false information. As well as making the article the best it can possibly thus improving the website as a whole.

The Chaws Edit

The User Groups on this wiki will be referred to as Chaws. Each chaw will have a group of articles for them to work with which will be signified by the groups name. For example, if a User group wanted jurisdiction over the Northern Kingdoms then a possible name could be The Northern History Chaw. (This is only an example for a name. I am sure that you will come up with something much cooler sounding.) That user group would be in charge of every article involving the Northern Kingdoms. Including the characters, regions, landmarks, and history.

Starting A Chaw Edit

A user can start a chaw by leaving a message on the talk page of an Administrator with the following bits of information; A name for your chaw, Which articles you will be looking after, The requirements for joining your user group, also a symbol is needed for the group.

Becoming A Chaw-mate Edit

Joining a chaw is simple. All you need to do is meet the requirements of the chaw you wish to join and get in contact with the User group's leader. The leader will then see if you meet all the requirements and any other stuff that is needed for enrollment. You will then be added to the Chaw page and given a rank.

Moving Up The Ranks Edit

Each User group has a set list of ranks for its members. Each rank has a requirement, such as reaching this many edits or whatever the leader of the group has set. After each requirement is passed you should contact your Group leader and they will move you up to the next rank if you have fulfilled every aspect needed for promotion.

List Of Chaws Edit