The Capture is a novel by Kathryn Lasky, and part of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series. It was published by Scholastic in June 2003.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Soren the Barn Owl nestling happily lives in a tree hollow with his family and Mrs. Plithiver, their nest-maid snake, until he is pushed out of their hollow by his brother, Kludd. He is captured by two patrol owls and brought to St. Aggie's, which is supposedly a refuge for orphaned owlets. There he realizes that owls were not supposed to question and they had to forget their names but to have a number instead. After a few questionable incidents at the academy Soren begins to wonder what really is behind the plot of St. Aggie's. Soren befriends an Elf Owl named Gylfie who explains to him how the academy controls the minds of young owls, and helps him avoid being "moon blinked", or brainwashed by tricking the monitors in the glaucidum. They both meet a Spotted Owl named Hortense who, like Gylfie and Soren, is not moon blinked, but pretending to be. Skench and Spoorn, the leaders of St. Aggie's, find out that Hortense had been delivering eggs to two eagles named Zan and Streak. "Auntie", a Snowy Owl with the real name of Finny,who was also Soren's pit guard along with Skench and Spoorn, throw Hortense off a cliff while Hortense is unable to fly. Soren and Gylfie later learn to fly with the help of an academy guard, Grimble. During Soren and Gylfie's attempt to flee the academy after they learned to fly, Grimble is killed by Skench while defending the two owls from an attack. They head to the Island of Ga'Hoole, which is revered for its legends of noble owls who do only good.Each night Gylfie and Soren have bad dreams about Grimble dying. Gylfie reveals that she looked back and saw Grimble dead.  Along the way, they meet Digger and Twilight, who each have different personalities, but similar life experiences. Twilight was met when Gylfie was stuck upside-down on a tree, while Digger was met soon after in the desert land of Kuneer. Soren and Gylfie try to find their families but instead they find Mrs. Plithiver who tells them about Kludd. The strange foursome and Mrs. P then decide to begin a journey to The Great Ga'Hoole Tree, which brings the series to the next book, The Journey.