Lyze of Kiel, better known as Ezylryb is a Whiskered Screech Owl, Otus Trichopsis, Ezylryb is the most revered ryb at The Great Ga'Hoole Tree. Lyze was born on Stromfast Island in the Bay of Kiel in the Northern Kingdoms. He was groomed, trained and raised to be a warrior since the moment he hatched. Lyze was a legend in The War of the Ice Claws. He is in charge of the Weather Chaw. He died in book 11: The First Collier.


Little is known about Ezylryb's family except for his brother Ifghar, in whom disapered after book 6: The Burning. Ezylryb also had a mate named Lil (whiskered shreech) Ezylryb was also Soren's mentor and considered him a son. In the Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole it is revealed that his son Bo went to the Southern Kingdoms and became the successor to Hortense, also he his grandson is Braithe.