Eglantine is a female Barn Owl, (Tyto alba) and is the younger sister of Soren and Kludd. She was introduced in the beginning of The Capture and wasn't mentioned in the book after that except for Soren's longing to know if she was all right. In The Journey, she was found and rescued by Twilight and Digger, along with all the other owls rescued in the Great Downing, who were babbling constantly about Tyto purity. Once Eglantine's strength returned, she didn't talk to or recognize Soren, much to his dispair. Her gizzard was finally unlocked when one of Trader Mags apprentices, Bubbles, held up a piece of isinglass to the light of the moon, which broke Eglantine's stone-stunned condition. She then wanted to listen to the harp guild's practice and Madame Plonk's singing. She and all the owlets rescued in the Great Downing returned to their old selves.