Puffin, Fratercula Artica. Dumpy started his life like all puffins: being a dumb redicules, low class bird. All of that changed when Dumpy overheard a conversation between the Striga and Nyra. Learning of a plot to conquer the owl universe, Dumpy set off to the Great Tree to warn the Guardians, a feat that none of his kind had ever attempted. Dumpy eventually formed the Dumpy Brigade, a army composed entirelly of puffins. It want actualy named after him but reather 4 out 5 puffins who shared the same name.


"Pop" and "Mummy" (Parents, proper names where not given), The Chubster (Brother), Grandpop and Grummy (Proper names where not given either).


Guardians Of Ga'Hool #15: The War of The Ember