Coryn is the son of Nyra and Kludd, the leaders of The Pure Ones, and is also the king of The Great Ga'Hoole Tree after the death of Boron and Barran. Coryn is a Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) like his parents. Soren is his uncle and Eglantine is his aunt. He was born during an eclipse and as his mother before him, an enchantment was cast on him. And this enchantment can make an owl very good-hearted or evil and twisted to the core. Coryn, or at the time of his hatching was given the name Nyroc and was immediately brainwashed with his mother's stories of his fathers "noble deeds". Coryn has the power of Fire Sight, which allows him to glimpse past present and future events and places by looking into a fire. It was through his fire sight that Coryn learned of his parents terrible acts. He fled with his friend Phillip, who was called Dustytuft by The Pure Ones, and tried to escape and find out the truth. They were captured after Doc Finebeak, an expert tracker hired by Nyra to hunt down her son, forced Coryn and Phillip into tough winds called The Shredders.