What is a Chaw?Edit

A Chaw is a group of owls organized to learn special tasks. Each Chaw is lead by a teacher or Ryb.

The ChawsEdit

Weather Chaw: Is headed by Ezylryb and Poot

This chaw flies into rough weather, such as Tropical storms, Hurricanes, Gales, Blizzards, etc. Except for Tornados. The Weather Chaw flies into these storms to gather information on them.

Colliering Chaw: Headed by Elvayn and with assistance from Bubo

The Colliering Chaw flies into forest fires to collect coals, embers, etc. and return them to Bubo's forge.

Search and Rescue Chaw: Headed by Twilight (used to be Barran). Search and Rescue Chaw is pretty much a reconnaissance group. Who search the owl kingdoms and restore downed owlets to their nests if possible.

Navigation Chaw: Headed by Gylfie (used to be Strix Struma).

The Navigation Chaw learns how to navigate anywhere in the Kingdom of Owls by learning the stars.

Ga'Hoolology: Headed by Otulissa (used to be Dewlap

Ga'Hoology is the treatment and nourishment of The Great Ga'Hoole Tree. Often considered the most boring of all the Chaws.